Shifting regulations affect your business and make it hard to ensure compliance . Compliance Resource Network  keeps you up to date on regulatory changes with daily updates, dashboards and research capabilities. Improve your workflow with a structured and comprehensive view of regulatory change.

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New Updates to Compliance Resource Network

We are committed to providing our customers with tailored insight and analysis intended to make your roles easier and more streamlined. To assist you in meeting your regulatory obligations the Compliance Resource Network provides full and comprehensive primary material for previous and current financial services regulators from around the globe in one single location. To make sense of such content you will also find our in-house experts have interpreted key rules and guidance allowing you to easily understand and digest regulatory and legislative change. In addition the content includes functionality to allow you to review and compare all relevant documents also in one platform. Recent enhancements allow you to additionally track separate materials coming from the UK's Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority whilst also allowing you to add your own notes and share research folders with colleagues. Customer feedback is crucial and these recent enhancements have all come about as a result of such feedback.

Web Seminar, June 4th 2014: A Year of Conduct Regulation in the UK: A Happy Birthday to Who?

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Web Seminar, June 3rd 2014: Deeper Insights to Meeting Solvency II EIOPA and PRA Requirements

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Web Seminar: Tackling Complaints Management - State of the Regulations & a Demo of How to Integrate them into a Conduck Risk Programme

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Web Seminar: State of the Art Capital Modelling for Operational Risk

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